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Typical Random Work Crap  
09:40am 30/04/2008
Jamison Huebsch
So my Co-workers call my name repeatedly for a few minutes (actually they start with the insulting nickname they came up with, and switched to my real name when I didn't answer), and then rushed over to ask me an apparently very important question.

They wanted to know if my last name Huebsch, was jewish or not. ...

When I informed them that no, it's german, they rushed back off to their little break room to apparently discuss the pros & cons of my ancestry. They did not answer why they wanted to know this information, but considering their previous racial commentary in general (picture sterotypical kentucky hicks out a cartoon and you actually get close, sadly) it's probally not good.

*sigh* WTF?
i hate this place
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08:09pm 30/04/2008 (UTC)
Jamison Huebsch
Tried that.

Doesn't work so well when they are all in cahoots together. Names didn't stick then.
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