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Typical Random Work Crap  
09:40am 30/04/2008
Jamison Huebsch
So my Co-workers call my name repeatedly for a few minutes (actually they start with the insulting nickname they came up with, and switched to my real name when I didn't answer), and then rushed over to ask me an apparently very important question.

They wanted to know if my last name Huebsch, was jewish or not. ...

When I informed them that no, it's german, they rushed back off to their little break room to apparently discuss the pros & cons of my ancestry. They did not answer why they wanted to know this information, but considering their previous racial commentary in general (picture sterotypical kentucky hicks out a cartoon and you actually get close, sadly) it's probally not good.

*sigh* WTF?
i hate this place
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05:07pm 30/04/2008 (UTC)
Katherine Ray King
Start coming up with your own fun and interesting nicknames for them. And call them that, all the time. The more they protest, the more the people around them will start doing it too. Then you totally get to turn the tables on them. :D
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08:09pm 30/04/2008 (UTC)
Jamison Huebsch
Tried that.

Doesn't work so well when they are all in cahoots together. Names didn't stick then.
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