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Cell Phone ...  
11:57am 01/04/2008
Jamison Huebsch
Is messed up.

It's display is upside-down AND backwards. It's also not working very well.

Also, the Cam sucks, and you should never EVER EVAR! play a libitinarius.

This has been a 30 second update brought to you by 'Depressed Jamie'(Tm!), now you two can feel emo as me, just listen to me talk!

"It's a wonder!, after listening to jamie for only 30 minutes a day I too became emo and depressed." - Plain Jane, Customer # ... hey we don't hand out that kind of information ...

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(no subject)
11:23pm 01/04/2008 (UTC)
Sabrina Bledsoe

never knew you even had one. sorry to hear it isn't working so good.
nice to see you posting again.
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