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05:58pm 01/05/2008
Jamison Huebsch
So I'm going to be retiring my Requiem Pc, Iskander Karan.

It's become a matter of when at this point, not if.

Anything anybody want from him before he goes away? Stuff, Scenes, suggestions on how to go out?

I'm totally 100% less bitter about this than I was this afternoon. I was about to quit the Cam entirely then.

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Typical Random Work Crap  
09:40am 30/04/2008
Jamison Huebsch
So my Co-workers call my name repeatedly for a few minutes (actually they start with the insulting nickname they came up with, and switched to my real name when I didn't answer), and then rushed over to ask me an apparently very important question.

They wanted to know if my last name Huebsch, was jewish or not. ...

When I informed them that no, it's german, they rushed back off to their little break room to apparently discuss the pros & cons of my ancestry. They did not answer why they wanted to know this information, but considering their previous racial commentary in general (picture sterotypical kentucky hicks out a cartoon and you actually get close, sadly) it's probally not good.

*sigh* WTF?
i hate this place
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Cell Phone ...  
11:57am 01/04/2008
Jamison Huebsch
Is messed up.

It's display is upside-down AND backwards. It's also not working very well.

Also, the Cam sucks, and you should never EVER EVAR! play a libitinarius.

This has been a 30 second update brought to you by 'Depressed Jamie'(Tm!), now you two can feel emo as me, just listen to me talk!

"It's a wonder!, after listening to jamie for only 30 minutes a day I too became emo and depressed." - Plain Jane, Customer # ... hey we don't hand out that kind of information ...

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03:44pm 19/03/2008
Jamison Huebsch
Ugh email exploditity.

I hate requiem sometimes.

I'm caught between being furious at dealing with this crap, and being amazed at the utter stupidity of my character's IC enemies.

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Poll! Everyone please answer!  
09:33am 18/03/2008
Jamison Huebsch
So, lately I've posted very very little on this journal.

I've obviously failed in my original goal of posting in it frequently, but I DID keep my other goal of not having any locked/verbotten posts.

So I've come to a crossroads of sorts with the whole thing. I don't feel like many people read my LJ, nor do I feel like there is anything very interesting there for them to read. This leads to a large lack of motivation, one of my primary flaws :)

As my writer's block slowly resembles the wall of china more and more, and a small stumbling block less and less, I ask you, people who currently read my journal, and all those interested in perhaps reading my journal to answer some of the following questions for me.

1 - Post Frequency: how often should I try and post? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? every so often when the mood strikes? (which in the past has proven to be very little)

2 - Post emotive content: Generally when I'm happy I don't sit on the computer and type about it, so it's often negativity lacking an outlet that leads to my posts, and thus my 75% (totally made up number) 'emo post ratio'.

Is this what you guys really want to read about? If not what about my life/thoughts are you actually interested in?

What kind of my post do you find interesting? Social commentary? general life funny ("the dog ate my shoe today, I knew by the lace hanging out his mouth ...") ? something else?

3 - (Last one I swear!) Post Maturity Content: Generally I don't post details of my personal life. In the past this was because while I feel I have little to hide, all to often my secrets end up being about someone else, and I don't feel comfortable 'outting' things about other people.

Lately most of the people in my life have informed me they don't care, for the most part.

So that leaves the question, what don't you want to hear about? What's over the line, MA when you wanted R or PG-13 so to speak.

That's it. Here's to my work comp's 50% failure rate not eatting this whole long thing ... *crosses fingers*
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08:01am 18/03/2008
Jamison Huebsch
I have a temper.

Usually I keep it well under control, but lately I've been losing all the outlets for said anger.

So, lately I've been getting ~really~ angry.
Which is frustrating, and causes a catch 22 like cycle.

Silly nature.
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Suckiest New Years.  
11:41pm 31/12/2007
Jamison Huebsch
Generally my New Years are awesome, as I make the howie party in Conway.

Not this year.

Nope, I've got no ride, I'm really sick, and I have to pack so that I can leave in the morning (so no drinking and no staying up late).

Blah. I didn't even get to see my friends at all.
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Worst Bloodline Ever.  
08:22am 10/12/2007
Jamison Huebsch
Cam Junk. Skip if you don't care.

I'm really sick of being a Libitinarius. I chose the bloodline for RP reasons instead of crunch, and I've not had a game yet where I haven't been made to regret it.

I'm getting -really- sick of having to explain to STs how my power works, repeat that it's not some custom cheeze I bribed my way through the approval staff but in fact was written by white-wolf for -my- covenant, and having to police other players who like said STs don't seem to listen to my explinations of how the power works. Plus it's mostly a downtime based bloodline, so I get bored at games.


At least the latest addendum fixed the large amount of XP debt I gained. Now if I could you know ... actually have a 5th dot of my bloodline power, and not have to explain my bloodline to every single ST I intereact with, it would almost be peachy.

Why does half of the STs I interact with look at me really funny when I do anything? *sigh*
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oddly accurate, or totally off base?  
10:54pm 16/11/2007
Jamison Huebsch

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

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Quick Meme pt Duex!  
06:24pm 17/10/2007
Jamison Huebsch

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Domination

Sex is about power and you like to be powerful. It's nice to be in charge and get what you want. And being in a position where people will do what you say is exciting.







Exhibitionism and Voyeurism




Vanilla Sex










I'm actually suprised it scored higher than Sadism. And if your shocked, obviously you don't know me very well :)
mood: tiredtired
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