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Poll! Everyone please answer!  
09:33am 18/03/2008
Jamison Huebsch
So, lately I've posted very very little on this journal.

I've obviously failed in my original goal of posting in it frequently, but I DID keep my other goal of not having any locked/verbotten posts.

So I've come to a crossroads of sorts with the whole thing. I don't feel like many people read my LJ, nor do I feel like there is anything very interesting there for them to read. This leads to a large lack of motivation, one of my primary flaws :)

As my writer's block slowly resembles the wall of china more and more, and a small stumbling block less and less, I ask you, people who currently read my journal, and all those interested in perhaps reading my journal to answer some of the following questions for me.

1 - Post Frequency: how often should I try and post? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? every so often when the mood strikes? (which in the past has proven to be very little)

2 - Post emotive content: Generally when I'm happy I don't sit on the computer and type about it, so it's often negativity lacking an outlet that leads to my posts, and thus my 75% (totally made up number) 'emo post ratio'.

Is this what you guys really want to read about? If not what about my life/thoughts are you actually interested in?

What kind of my post do you find interesting? Social commentary? general life funny ("the dog ate my shoe today, I knew by the lace hanging out his mouth ...") ? something else?

3 - (Last one I swear!) Post Maturity Content: Generally I don't post details of my personal life. In the past this was because while I feel I have little to hide, all to often my secrets end up being about someone else, and I don't feel comfortable 'outting' things about other people.

Lately most of the people in my life have informed me they don't care, for the most part.

So that leaves the question, what don't you want to hear about? What's over the line, MA when you wanted R or PG-13 so to speak.

That's it. Here's to my work comp's 50% failure rate not eatting this whole long thing ... *crosses fingers*
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06:16pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
Dude, wide-open, whenever you want (use Ellies for length or profanity, etc) but this is an outlet for sharing and/or unloading.
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08:17pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
John Story
Considering I lived with you for a while :) All's fair in love and war and emoness..

Honestly, Id love to hear about you more, I miss chatting with you and missed you at CAINE.

So I'll read anything you post here. Good bad and ugly :)

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08:25pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
bipolar bitchy nerdy hippy: kiss ass
it's your place. do with as you wish and anyone who has a problem can kiss your ass.

I miss you. I know I was in the midst drug induced frenzy most of the time you were around but you're still the only man that can fix my back without hurting me. And I just plain miss ya'll anyway.
picword: kiss ass
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08:41pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
Halley: paper doll
i'm all for hearing about anything you have to say, be it all bad or all good, my only request is that you update more than once a year. once a month, at least. just so everyone who doesn't see you or hear from you ever knows you are alive
picword: paper doll
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09:34pm 19/03/2008 (UTC)
♥Kristin Moore♥
I think you should post about whatever you want. Be it good, bad, boring... etc. We just wanna hear from you, know you're alive! You don't post NEAR enough for my liking! hehe
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12:54am 20/03/2008 (UTC)
So I'm not gonna answer each one of these individually because your journal is typically now how I keep up with ya'll. I don't ever get to see you, or Kat, or Mike anymore and I rarely text Kat for some strange reason, so I use journals to feel partially in the loop! So post whatever and it's all good, at least I'll know more than I do now! LOL!
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do what you want
01:58am 29/03/2008 (UTC)
I dont think you should try to set a goal for how often you post to LJ because if you do it will feel more like a chore but I dont think once a month is too often to become a chore or if you miss it be a nagging guilt either. Write about what you want really. I check on here every once in a while to try and keep up with you and kit-kat since neither of you are too keen on picking up your phones. It would be nice to hear about whats going on with you personally but of course don't ever write about something you know your going to regret or isnt really your business ie sharing personal information about someone else that you dont think others should know unless they hear it from the source. Well I hope things are going well for you and hope to hear from you somewhat soon-esque...
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