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08:01am 18/03/2008
Jamison Huebsch
I have a temper.

Usually I keep it well under control, but lately I've been losing all the outlets for said anger.

So, lately I've been getting ~really~ angry.
Which is frustrating, and causes a catch 22 like cycle.

Silly nature.
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04:34pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
~gasp and awe~ jamie posted!!!!

sorry natures getting the better of you. nature's a bitch, right?
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05:01pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
Jamison Huebsch
I did indeed post.

I figured out a way to get past my work comp's restrictions, which works maybe half the time.

Yes, nature is a bitch.
I wish my personal nature was easier to deal with, but we get the fate we're dealt, eh?
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04:41pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
My advice: Find an outlet. You'll find that if you deal with it in healthy ways (even if destructive to non-living objects), you'll have less of a problem with it. I did Judo for a while as an outlet. Even if it's chopping wood for the winter, find an outlet that lets you recenter yourself.
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05:30pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
Jamison Huebsch
I had a long, witty and laugh inducing reply to this comment.

Which was promptly eatten by said 50% failure rate mentioned in my above comment.

damn you murphy, couldn't you have lied to the universe?

Regardless, I'm well aware of the usefulness of outlets for my anger, thus my commentary about said outlets not currently working for me.

For some reason lately at least, all my usual outlets aren't as effective, or are much harder to come by.
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06:12pm 18/03/2008 (UTC)
Hmmm...That's a thunker then. MY personal 'hey-soos' (to quote Dilbert and Scott Adams) is soul-crushing exercise; your soul can't seethe with anger if you've exercised yourself into a stupor. (Seriously, improving your physical shape makes you less moody.)
If I'm stuck at work, imaging kicking kittens into an electric fan is my happy thought that I use.

Hope that helps.
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